May 8th, 2007

chestnut husky

Relay for Life and MS Walk

It was a tiring but enjoyable two days this past weekend. Did two mascot gigs. Also went geocaching before and after. (as though there wasn't enough physical exertion already :) )


Found 4 geocaches in Queens (Cunningham Park, Alley Pond Park, Forest Park) before heading over to Shea Stadium at around 1:30pm to do a gig at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event. (would've been on time if I didn't hit two traffic delays, both because of auto accidents, along the way) Met up with Damian K, freakylynx, and jbadger there. flykat arrived a little later.

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Sunday's gig was the MS Walk at the Culinary Institute of America (the other CIA) in Hyde Park, NY. I knew I wasn't going to be on time for this one because I got home from Queens way past midnight, but I didn't miss the walk itself at least. Once on campus, I met up with freakylynx, grizz593, Grizz Jr., renegadehusky, who were already in costume, and alias_pup, who was the spotter and photographer. Our changing room was a restroom in a building between the parking lot and the event area.

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