May 10th, 2007

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Liberty Park

The geocache of the day (or evening, rather) was Liberty Hollow. This one is next to Silver Lake at Liberty Park in White Plains. The cache container is a hollowed-out CD player, which is rather unusual and a good way to reuse a piece of junk. While the cache was easy to find, getting there wasn't so easy. The trail was very muddy.

After that, I went to Palisades Center. Of course, I had to stop and gawk at the empty CompUSA store. After taking care of a few other matters, it was time for dinner. Panda Express closed early, so they lost my business for the second time in a row. Next, I went to Oyishi Japan. I stood at the counter. The guy at the cash register didn't seem interested in taking my order. He busied himself tidying up stuff behind the register. Then he took another customer's order while I was standing right there! I was tired of being ignored, so I walked away. That got his attention, but it was too late. Maybe he'll render better service next time. People forget that I have many choices and if Panda and Oyishi aren't interested in my business, I'll take it elsewhere.