June 7th, 2007

fox bend


Gordan Triangle

Oil change. Odometer: 50,568 miles. Also a change of tires, which they didn't have time to do this evening, so I got a Toyota Yaris as the loaner car. They're having a "buy 3 tires, get 1 free" deal, so that's what I did. And I'm also getting a $20 gas card because of a coupon that I got in the mail. The downside is although there was a wifi network in the waiting room, its Internet uplink was not working. So, while waiting, I did a disk cleanup on the notebook computer, sorted my coupon collection, and answered a consumer survey that I got in the mail.

Then I went to Blimpie in Allendale to use one of this month's coupons and got a seafood sub. I find Blimpie to be not quite as good as Subway in the selection of vegetables and dressings, but either restaurant chain is acceptable for a quick meal.