June 8th, 2007

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Car was all done by late this morning, so at lunchtime, I went to pick it up and to return the Toyota Yaris. (The Yaris is a fuel-efficient car but it makes me nervous merging out onto Route 17 because I can't seem to step on the gas pedal hard enough to make it go to highway speed quickly.) That's when I got caught by the detour. For the past six weeks, there has been a sign posted on Lake Street saying that the road will be closed soon. They finally closed it today and, from what I saw, it's to dig up the road to put in some large pipes. So it'll be closed for a while.

Anyway, the detour took me back south to Saddle River and north again via Route 17 to Ramsey. If I'd known, I could've saved 3 miles of driving by just taking Allendale Road. On the plus side, and there always seems to be a plus side, I saw a Green Acres park that I hadn't seen before along the detour. It might be worth checking to see if there is a place to hide a geocache in there. Until Lake Street is reopened, however, it will take me three times as long to go from home to Pathmark or anywhere in Ramsey, so I probably should start going to the Park Ridge area again.

I didn't go out anywhere the past two evenings, so I've been crossing out some of the bigger items on my to-do list. (The one with more work on it than work.) First, I finished processing and uploading to Flickr the HDSA Hoop-a-thon and Shea Stadium Relay for Life mascot gig pictures. I'd been saving these until I was done with all my other photos and those took over a month to get through! This is similar to what happened in December, after which it took most of January to get up to date with the photos.

I also rewrote the stats scripts for the 10 million photos Flickr group. Read more...Collapse )