June 11th, 2007

chestnut ramune

GWB Challenge and Tony's BBQ

Did a mascot gig today with Damian K, rapidtrabbit, foxwell, and jbadger at the GWB Challenge, a fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society. For participants, the event actually starts in Fort Lee and goes across and back on the George Washington Bridge walkway. We performed only at the end of the route, where the GWB Challenge picnic was held, in Allison Park in Englewood Cliffs.

I thought it was a pretty good event with a good crowd, with opportunities for photoshoots next to a firetruck. (see pictures) We stopped mainly because by around noon, we were too hot to continue performing. After that, we had some of the picnic leftovers. The picnic was catered by Market Basket, an upscale food store, so they had a nice selection of dishes.

Some photos from the GWB ChallengeCollapse )

After the event, jbadger and I visited a nearby geocache, which I had already done. Then we set out for tonyringtail's BBQ. Went geocaching along the way, naturally. We did Caching While You Wait, just across from the Menlo Park Mall in Edison. We also attempted another geocache but it was not to be.

Eventually, we arrived at tonyringtail's backyard, in Cranbury, where the BBQ was already in progress. Had a good time. Just after 6pm, jbadger, kody_wolf, and I took a break from the BBQ to find Many Houses - No Deks at Sondek Park in South Brunswick. Went back to the BBQ. By that time, there were already a few people in fursuit. So I got into fursuit (which, by that time, had dried off somewhat from this morning's gig) and had some fun in the evening portion of the BBQ.

Stopped at Wawa in Jamesburg on my way home to pick up some iced tea and chocolate milk. I knew roughly where it was but I used the handy mobile version of Google Maps to pinpoint the location.