June 22nd, 2007


Dawn to Dusk Geocaching and two Events

Lake Lonnie

"Woke up" at 2:30am. I'd planned on going to the Summer Solstice at Sunrise geocaching event, which began at 5:24am, and picking up a geocache along the way. Unfortunately, when I got into my car and turned it on, I discovered that the cellphone charger had exploded into several pieces. Not just that: it also blew the power socket fuse. So at 3am, there I was changing the fuse. I was surprised I could even handle a pair of pliers so early in the morning. Actually, I dropped the replacement fuse once but found it again sitting at the bottom of the fuse and changeholder compartment.

So I actually started a bit after 3am. Stopped at the Quick Chek in Westfield for the first geocache of the day and a buttered Portuguese roll. I arrived at the event half an hour early and there were already a few people in the parking lot of the Omega Diner (I wonder if there were Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma Diners before the Omega Diner :) ) waiting for it to start. It was a good event and quite well-attended despite the early hour. I had a Texas Chili Omelette, literally an omelette stuffed with chili, which was probably the best item on the breakfast menu.

Then we went our separate ways geocaching. I did a load of geocaches down in Florence, Roebling, Burlington, Beverly, Edgewater Park, and Delran. There were a lot there that I hadn't visited because I hadn't been to that side of South Jersey in quite a while.

At Nickel for a Tickle, I met the owner of Holiday Ice Cream, who had been wondering why people had been poking around at his toony squirrel sculpture. So I explained geocaching and showed the cache to him. He's a nice man and he was okay with the cache placement, but this illustrates why people who place caches at businesses should clear those placements with the store owner beforehand. A business is private property, so that is the right thing to do.

And finally, I ended the day at the Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers geocaching event. (The event had been moved from Tuesday to Thursday temporarily for the Summer Solstice.) Like me, a number of geocachers actually did attend both events and had been out geocaching all day. We're hard core! At around 9pm, there was a passing storm. Lightning struck and killed the lights. That was a dramatic way to end the day!

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