July 3rd, 2007

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Rifle Camp

Rifle Camp Park

This evening, I went for the Toboggan Chute? geocache in Rifle Camp Park in West Paterson. It was actually pretty good weather for this time of the year. Not too hot or humid. I parked in the first parking lot, saw dozens of deer, took a 350-foot walk in the woods, and found the geocache in the first place I looked. This is one of those parks with lots of people just driving in and out of the parking lot all the time. I have my suspicions as to what was going on there but they didn't bother me.

After that, since I was in the neighborhood (that being defined as within about 10 miles), I went to Micro Center in Paterson to see if they had any RS-MMC. (I think the "C" in MMC stands for "card", so calling it an "RS-MMC card" would be redundant.) Indeed they did, so I got one for the Nokia 770 Tablet. Then I discovered that it doesn't actually increase the virtual memory by that much because, unless there is a software update that addresses this limit, the 770 maxes out at 64MB of virtual memory. I suppose I could use the rest of the RS-MMC for backups, files, etc.

Also, I just passed the 20,000 comments posted milestone:

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4000 a year? Well, it's only 11 a day. Not a whole lot. :)