July 7th, 2007

chestnut husky

Anthrocon Day 1, continued, and Day 2

For the evening's fursuit events, I decided to wear the Diablo Wolf fursuit. (Yes, I was the one who won crosscheck_fox's auction.) There was a giant-sized chess game with fursuiters instead of pieces, but I didn't do that. However, I did take part in a professional photoshoot over at the main concourse. Since this was the Diablo costume, the photographer had me pose in a bunch of tough guy stances. So it will be interesting to see how those pictures turn out. Also, I take it lots of people haven't seen this fursuit before. I was asked to pose for photos many, many times. The only real problem with the suit is that I can't wear the ski glasses inside the head. So, although the field of vision from this fursuit head is excellent, I can't see very far ahead. Have to figure out another way around that.

Saturday began with an early morning breakfast with jbadger. Then, since I was in magnusdiridian's masquerade skit, I got into the Chestnut Husky suit and went to masquerade rehearsal in the ballroom. We did the rehearsal and then we split up. I went to the Husky Photoshoot while still in costume.

After that, the fursuit parade was starting, so we gathered in a room in the convention center. This year, every participant got a water bottle with the Anthrocon logo. Then 353 of us fursuiters marched out over the skybridge and to the riverfront balcony, where we scared the heck out of some boaters. (Well, okay, the cruise boat captain tooted his horn.) A photographer, who was positioned on the bridge, took a group shot of us. I heard we actually didn't have enough railing for all of us to stand side by side. Then we marched downstairs, weaved our way around the Dealer's Room, and went back upstairs to the starting point to end the parade. One suggestion I would like to make is for the people in front of the parade to pace themselves. I thought it went a bit too fast at times. Apart from that, I thought it was well-run and there were enough assistants on hand to make sure we remained on track.

For a late lunch, I went on my own to Golden Palace for shredded pork pan fried noodles. There was a fursuit dodgeball event, but after 7 hours (!) in fursuit, I decided I needed some downtime.