July 8th, 2007

chestnut ramune

Anthrocon Day 2, continued

An hour before the masquerade, I got into the husky fursuit, which thankfully had mostly dried off by then, again and proceeded to the masquerade green room. I took part in just one skit, which was magnusdiridian's skit based on Michael Jackson's Thriller. He put a bit of a convention spin on it: The voiceover mentioned "Anthrocon" and the zombies were fursuiters who don't shower. We got on stage and lay in one corner, and woke up on the word "Kage" in the recording. There were six dance moves in all. I think I missed one or two of them but then again, I'm not sure that everyone else was exactly on cue either. The skit ended with a light-sabered security guy chasing us off stage. I nearly fell off the stage. Fortunately, dexraccoon was there to pull me back.

Then I hung around in the masquerade green room until the curtain call when all of us got back out to the ballroom to do an encore of the last skit, the "Time Warp" dance.

After that, I noticed that the line for the photoshoot was pretty short, so I went ahead and got some professional photos done of Chestnut Husky. This time, I had some ideas so I suggested a few poses to the photographer.

Dinner was moo shu pork at Liang's Hunan. The waiter saw my batch of $2 bills and said that I should pay with those. (so he could put those in his collection, perhaps)
chestnut halloween

Anthrocon Day 3

Woke up and had cereal since I brought a bag of Pathmark crispy rice at home and I had a bottle of milk in the room fridge from the convenience store across the road. Then I went to the Advanced Fursuit Performance panel. I didn't go in fursuit this time so as not to get called on to demonstrate. Got called on to demonstrate anyway. :) Well, actually, everyone did since this was a class where everyone formed a circle to do the exercises. Well, at least, I got to share something I learnt only the night before.

Then I had lunch (the sub special) at Fernando's. Came back and wore the husky fursuit and entered the fursuit games on the main concourse in the convention center. We had a tug of war, two kinds of relay races, and a game where the whole team holds hands and has to pass through a hoop without breaking the chain. (I thought it would be hard to do with the big tail sticking out, but I got some help with that.) In the game after that, someone had an injury so the game coordinator ended the games there. The game coordinator gave out his props as prizes, so I got a little orange cone.

After getting out of fursuit and into some clean clothes, I went to the closing ceremony. The usual facts and figures were disclosed there. Total attendance was 2,849 and there were 353 fursuiters in the parade. (which understates the fursuiter population a bit since not all of us participated in the parade) We are trying for a world record in the Guinness Book of Records for most mascots in a parade.

After the closing ceremony, I went for dinner with jbadger at Lidia's, a classy Italian restaurant. We shared an entree that was meant for two people. On a per person basis, it actually wasn't that expensive.