July 26th, 2007

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Whippanong Cemetery

Did a 3-cache dash in the Wayne-to-Parsippany area to the West this evening. I hadn't been out there in a while (since the food poisoning incident) so it was about time I bagged a few geocaches in that area. The first stop was the Hollywood walk geocache at the recreation complex in Fairfield. Then, I went to Knoll Park in Parsippany for the At the Knoll geocache.

And finally, I got Revolutionary Places: Whippanong Burial Ground at the Whippanong Cemetery next to Route 10 in Whippany. Dinner was pork nachos at Baja Fresh in East Hanover. And then I went to the Target store in the same block to get "N" batteries for the clock. Why can't everything use AA batteries? That would make things a lot easier. (and cheaper too because those "N" batteries are more than a dollar each!)

I've been using the alpha release of jUploadr 1.2 recently. Although it's only a testing release, I think it's already better than jUploadr 1.1.2 because it appears to be less prone to crashing. Indeed, it hasn't crashed once yet. jUploadr 1.2 now supports the Flickr geo-location feature. However, the interface needs work. It took me a little while to figure out that one of the buttons in the dialog box merely adds new named locations to a pulldown widget, while the pulldown widget itself changes the contents of 3 other input boxes when you select an item. Until I got the hang of using this complicated dialog box, I kept clobbering my input and adding the wrong coordinates to photos. I hope this interface can be made clearer before the beta and final releases.

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