July 29th, 2007


Central Jersey and Jersey Shore

Chicken Suit Elmo

Hot, humid day. Did a standard sweep down the Garden State Parkway, visiting new and not so new geocaches. Spent too much time on the first five geocaches but then the last eight seemed to go quickly. 3 of the geocaches were rated at 3 stars or higher for terrain but they didn't seem that hard. "High on a Hill" was up a steep hill but I went around to the back before climbing and it wasn't as steep there. "Poricy Fossil Beds" supposedly would have me wading down a stream, but I found a trail going almost all the way there and once there, getting across the stream was a quick two-step. "Still WannaCacha in Wanamassa?"... uhh, well, I have no idea why this one is 3 stars. There is a lot of brush but there is also an easy way in.

I think I missed a rainstorm somewhere. I didn't see a drop of rain the whole day, but I noticed that the power was out in the town of Manasquan. Then in Brick, I saw that the trees were wet.

Went to Arby's twice. The first time was for lunch at the Watchung Arby's. I didn't intend to go there but I missed a turn and ended up at the strip mall where it was. The second time was for dinner at the Brick Arby's. The last geocache was in a tract of pineland just a few (suburban) blocks from the restaurant. I had the "Pick 5 for $5.95" both times because it's such a bargain. Purchased separately, those five items would be close to $10.

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