August 1st, 2007

fox bend

Of Closter and Carcasses

Wreck Pond

I discovered last night that the eTrex Legend had once again started working! I think I know what's wrong with it now. It's no longer waterproof, most likely because the rubber lining is torn up. So it malfunctioned when I used it out in the rain on Sunday. After letting it dry for a day with the batteries removed, it's fine once again. So I canceled my Amazon order. I could certainly afford a new one but I'm just not enthused about spending the money now. (Yeah, I know. What's wrong with me?) Might as well let it grow a bit longer until I'm ready. As for the lack of waterproofing, maybe I shouldn't be going out in the rain. I'd just get all muddy anyway.

Anyway, I took the no-longer-malfunctioning GPS out to find the Closter Nature Center #2 geocache at the Closter Nature Center in Closter. (Did I mention Closter enough yet?) It was really easy and I ran into Kyrandian, who found the cache 5 minutes earlier, on the trail. We had a little chat later in the parking area.

I also went to the macabrely-named Inflatable Squirrel Carcass geocache at a new park by the Ramapo River in Mahwah. (Could the name be a reference to this radio program on WFMU?) There were signs that someone had been searching there already, so I was surprised that the logbook was still empty. On my way out, I stopped briefly to take a look at an abandoned truck in the woods.

After that, I did a maintenance check on this cache. A geocacher relocated the cache slightly because of stinging insects in the original hiding spot. I eyed the new placement and it was good, so I updated the hint and description to match.

When I got home, I saw that the weird SD plus USB cards from Woot had arrived. I'll try those tomorrow.