August 2nd, 2007

fox sit

Master of my Domain(s)

Taylor Park

I had plans today to try out those new SD and USB cards that I got from Woot, but those plans fell through. Maybe tomorrow.

Oil change and miscellaneous maintenance this evening. Odometer: 55,607 miles. The waiting room had wi-fi but no Internet uplink. However, I had plenty to do anyway since the notebook computer had quite a number of software updates that needed to be installed.

Borrowed from Screenshots: LeapFish, free domain name appraisals.

I plugged in some of my domains and got the following results:

Domain Appraisal Value Score Estimated Value 307 $27,323.00 259 $18,907.00 250 $12,500.00 192 $3,072.00 78 $1,872.00 146 $1,022.00

Those figures seem grossly inflated so I don't believe them. However, the next time someone asks to buy one of my domain names, that's what I can use as a starting point.