August 12th, 2007

chestnut ramune

FA: United Day 2

Breakfast was at the con suite, which I'd only found out the evening before through word of mouth. If there was a notice posted somewhere about the con suite room number, I didn't see it. Anyway, I was surprised that they actually had an decent breakfast of donuts and cereal.

Attended 3 character performance panels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The first two were back to back, with no break, in the morning, while the last one was in the afternoon. Went to the first two in plain clothes but wore the fursuit for the third one because we were doing exercises in interaction between characters. Lunch was takeout from Popeye's on nearby Route 27. The reason why I took out instead of dined in was I saw that the cashiers and cooks were all behind bulletproof glass. So I thought it unwise to stick around too long. I'd never seen anything like that since I moved out of New York City.

After the third panel, I went to see the masquerade. They didn't have many acts, so it wasn't a long masquerade. For dinner, I went out with jbadger to the Skyline Diner on Dowd Avenue. On the way, I took him to the cache just down US-1/9 that I did on Friday.

After dinner, I got into fursuit and went to the dance in the ballroom. This evening, they had live bands playing. Most of the songs weren't to my taste, so I wasn't there that much, but instead spent some of the time roaming the hallways and hanging out in the headless lounge. However, I was there for the last song, which was a slow dance. (Funny, the things I do in costume that I don't do otherwise. :) ) After that, we (all one dozen or so fursuiters who were there) dashed to the front of the ballroom and furpiled the band leader. Then I got tackle-hugged by the guitarist.