August 13th, 2007

chestnut husky

FA: United Day 3


I only had the room for two nights at the hotel, so I had to pack up my stuff this morning and check out of the room. Brought everything down to the car, with the exception of the fursuit tub, which I stashed in the fursuit lounge. (I roomed there for the rest of the day.)

First event of the day was the fursuit parade. Only 25 fursuiters so it was a rather short one. We went through the restaurant, out the side door, to the front of the hotel, in the front door, upstairs to the Dealers' Rooms, to the business center, and then back to the fursuit lounge.

Had lunch at the Starlight Restaurant (the hotel restaurant, which is actually more like a diner than a typical hotel restaurant) with jbadger and sunfire.

After lunch, I was in the fursuit games. This too was a small event because there were only 7 fursuiters taking part. (The number increased to 10 when a few more showed up.) It's just as well because the ballroom was on the small side so we couldn't do very much anyway. We had a scooter race, a ball and orange cones game (what was it called?), a passing through the hoop game (still don't know what that one is called), and musical chairs. Pictures from the games. Thanks to sunfire for the photography!

Nothing much was going on after that, so I hung out in the fursuit lounge for a while. Then I went to closing ceremonies, where it was disclosed that we had 310 attendees. After that, we got together in a group and went to the bar section of the Starlight Restaurant for dinner.