August 17th, 2007

morton blvd

Third Tuesday... uhh, Thursday

Tilapia Platter

It's that time of the month again, so I went to Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers, & Free Ice Cream! at Fuddruckers in New Brunswick. And once again, the event was held on a Thursday instead of a Tuesday to take advantage of the free ice cream deal at Fuddruckers.

The weather forecast called for rain, so I was glad that there wasn't a single drop of rain all evening because I had some geocaches to do on my way there. First, I went for Tom Riddle's Diary (Harry Potter) in Glen Ridge. It is a Harry Potter-themed puzzle cache. Thankfully though, I didn't need to have read the book series in order to solve the puzzle. I wouldn't know a Voldemort from a hole in a ground! Anyway, it was an easy geocache in a small park with a playground.

After that, I did Ex Nilhilo Nihil Fit, a puzzle cache that's not far from the event location. I hadn't really taken a look at the puzzle, but while at the SEPAG Storms The Castle event in Pennsylvania, I got a hint from a fellow geocacher. The hint didn't go into detail but it was enough to give me an idea when I next read the cache page. So I got that one too and it was easy.

Then on to the event! This time, I had the tilapia platter, which was almost as good as the catfish platter I had last month. It came with salad and the free ice cream. It was a nice gathering overall, but I won't be back for a while. Next month, the event will fall on my birthday and so I'll have other plans anyway. Yet another episode of My Problems Dealing With PeopleCollapse )