August 20th, 2007


A rainy and long island

Eisenhower Park

Went to Long Island on Sunday. It was a rather fall-like day. Only the colorful leaves were missing. It was cloudy, with temperatures between 60 and 70°F. Later in the afternoon, it started raining. Since the GPS receiver was broken to the point where it wasn't waterproof any more, I had to put it in a plastic bag. I used the plastic sleeve the phone charger came in. The plastic bag didn't affect GPS reception as far as I could tell. Where the GPS was significantly off, I found out later that the coordinates had in fact been corrected after I got the cache info. That was no biggie because I was a good guesser on that one and it was where I thought it would be.

Had lots of things going against me on this trip. I got a late start. Then traffic was backed up across the GW Bridge and for several miles into NJ. Why? Because of the Yankee game. Odd. I thought most people took the subway to that stadium. Also, the rain made me skip some longer/harder geocaches because I didn't want to be out in the rain for too long. Even so, I got 14 finds. (Only the last two of those were after dusk.) So the difference between Sunday, which wasn't a good day, and Saturday, which was a perfect day, was only 2 geocaches? Funny how things work. On the plus side, the rain kept people away from the All-American Hamburger Drive-in in Massapequa, so I got a cheeseburger and fries. The cheeseburger wasn't that remarkable but the fries... well, I can see why people wait in line for that!

After that, it wasn't a good time to go to Flushing because the rain makes the city messy, but I went anyway to take advantage of free parking on Sunday. Had the curry mee young tao fu at Sentosa Restaurant. (The review notes that prices are moderate to expensive, but it's actually cheaper than similar restaurants in suburban New Jersey. Go figure. Can't compare with prices back in the old country, of course.) This is a bowl of noodles in curry with a bunch of tofu and vegetable items stuffed with fish. Rather spicy. For dessert, I tried their roti kaya. This is their flat bread (same type as roti telur) stuffed with sweet corn and a coconut-based spread, and then fried on a hot surface.

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