September 30th, 2007


Orange and Dutchess

It wasn't a terribly hot day but I broke a sweat anyway going down and up Bear Mountain. Yes, I did a significant amount of hiking to get all 5 of the Major Welch Trail series of geocaches. However, I did move the car to a different parking area in order to avoid the steepest part of the climb.

After that, I headed over to Montgomery to do another bunch of geocaches and then to Beacon. By the time I arrived in the Poughkeepsie and Hyde Park area, it was already dark. So I did the last 3 geocaches at night. Only "Southside" was in a spot that wasn't good to enter at night because there was a lot of trash. The other two were in very safe areas.

Ran into lots of geocachers today. Saw tadpole379 and nolefan9399 at Bear Mountain and Cachefamily, Pandagram, and Downy288 at Pleasure Grounds. (in Montgomery, NY) No doubt I'll see more tomorrow at the picnic.

The caches...Collapse )