October 5th, 2007

fox yawn

I didn't know where to get a straw, so I don't Haverstraw!

Major Welch trail

I got a note from the Haverstraw Police Department yesterday. Actually, the note had been there for a while. It happened to be on a door that I don't normally use, so I didn't see it until I went to check for a package delivery. (a bunch of 1-cent optical mice from Woot.com) The last time I was in Haverstraw was 2 weekends ago, which is when the note was dated. Also, this cache in Haverstraw has not been found by anyone since my visit even though other caches nearby have had multiple finds since then. So the cache may now be at the police sargeant's desk. (No, I will not provide updated coordinates. :) ) The contact named on the note was out today, so I'll call again on Monday to find out what's going on.

Made one of my not-so-frequent trips to Palisades Center this evening to add money to my Sprint account. There have been a few changes to the mall stores. The space formerly occupied by CompUSA is now a Halloween store, at least for this month. The funny thing is they didn't remove the CompUSA sign, so it looks like CompUSA is full of zombies and corpses. Okay, so maybe that's not so different from the way it was. :) Cafe Tu Tu Tango on the top floor is now shuttered up. That's incredible because I don't think it even lasted one year. Essentially, it was an artsy cafe that's too hip for my crowd, so to speak. And finally, there's a new Buffalo Wild Wings on the top floor.

I found a Canadian penny in my change. Instant 0.3% profit! :) I wonder what the exchange rate has to be like before people start taking the effort to pick those coins out of circulation. Then again, I also just found another silver quarter in my change. Seeing as how someone still let that silver quarter slip by even though its silver content is worth over $2, I don't expect to stop getting Canadian coins in my change any time soon.

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