October 27th, 2007

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Frightday Five

Ben Franklin

Had a bit of unplanned excitement this afternoon. Just two miles up Lake Street from home, there is a hairpin bend. It's a rather sharp bend so locals know to slow down to 10mph or below before going around the bend. To make things worse, the eastbound approach is downhill so you'd have to step on the brakes starting at the top of the hill, 500 feet before reaching the bend. To make things even worse, it had been raining all day long today, making the road slick with water runoff. Someone drove his van a little too fast on the downhill approach to the bend and realized too late that he wasn't going to quite make the turn. At the same time, I was coming around the bend from the other direction. So what I saw was a van, with tires squealing, five feet over into my lane!

I didn't see the van until I was pretty close to it, so I don't think there was any way I could've avoided it if I hadn't done one thing right. For reasons I can't explain, I was driving closer to the right edge of the road than usual, almost on the dirt shoulder. So the net effect was I passed the van with room to spare and nothing bad happened. I just gave him a little warning beep and was on my way.

And now for something less exciting: Friday Five.

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