October 29th, 2007


Central Jersey and Jersey Shore

In contrast to the rainy Saturday, Sunday was sunny with clear skies. A bit colder than it was on Saturday though. I did a bunch of geocaches in Central Jersey, followed by a bunch more down the Jersey Shore along Route 36 in Monmouth County.

It was the least satisfying day of geocaching I've had in recent memory. Four geocaches were in dubious spots too close to houses. I tried those anyway just for the heck of it. Found two of them. One more I didn't find but could've already been removed by a nearby resident as I wasn't the only one who couldn't find it. The last one was a doozy. It was in Asbury Park. I didn't get a chance to seriously search for that geocache because a lady (and I use that term loosely because she was most unladylike) living nearby came out and told me to go away. It was a public park so I did think it was within my rights to stay there. However, it wasn't worth the bother to make her call the police to prove that it was a public area, so I just left. Let the next geocacher talk to her.

The high point of the day was running into C&E at a geocache site in South Plainfield. I've got to admire their dedication, coming all the way here from Pennsylvania to find geocaches that are too close to houses. :)

Lunch was at Texas Weiner II in Greenbrook. Eh, I've had better roadfood, although now I'm wondering, since this is Texas Weiner II, whether there is a Texas Weiner I. (Edit: Yes, there's a Texas Weiner I in Plainfield according to Google Local.) For dinner, I went to Penang in Edison. Didn't pass by a single Wawa store on my side of the road the whole day, amazingly.

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