November 21st, 2007

morton blvd

Cedar Grove Cookie Caper

Cluett-Schantz Park

This afternoon's excursion on a damp Autumn day was to Cedar Grove for the Cookie Factory geocache. Recommended parking was at the town's community pool, which I estimate to be 3/4 of a mile from the geocache site. However, I took a look at aerial photos of the area before going there and I figured access might be possible from a nearby dead-end residential road. It was. In fact, I saw a well-trodden path starting from that road, only 650 feet from the cache site! So it turned out to be a quick walk after all.

Got some Popeye's fried chicken on my way back because the coupon was about to expire and I haven't had Popeye's in a while, besides. 5 pieces of chicken, 2 biscuits, and 2 sides are enough for two meals so that took care of dinner too. They were distributing special coupons for after Thanksgiving but I'm not sure I'll be around to take them up on the offer.

Also, the jakewilliams3's Find-A-Cache geocache was finally approved so I posted my online log to it too. That was the geocache we did at night as a group after the Meet, Greet, and Eat in Matamoras, PA, last Friday.

6976 down, 24 to go.