November 26th, 2007


Dutchess County and #7000

Apple on a tree

Sunny day. Not as cold as yesterday but the thermometer reading was under 45°F the whole day. I only needed 2 more geocaches to get to the 7000-cache milestone, so I went to the Wappingers Falls-Poughkeepsie corridor looking for a challenge. Ironically, the first two caches, which I needed for the milestone, were very easy. #7001 was much harder because fallen leaves had covered up the hiding spot very well. (All the wooded areas up that way are now blanketed in yellow leaves.)

Ran into two Dutchess County geocachers, Urpickle and TeamACE, at "Peach Cobbler or Apple Pie?" They might have actually started the hike shortly before I did, but I got to the cache site before they did because I took a shortcut (the steeper way up) to the top of the hill. The park used to be an apple orchard and still has many apple trees, so I had to be careful not to step on fallen apples on the trail. I ended the day (or night, rather) with two after-dark geocaches on the Red Wing Nature Trail in LaGrange. "All Hollows Eve" was actually designed to be done at night. It has a trail of reflectors pointing the way to the cache.

For dinner, I had planned to go to Hometown Buffet in Wappingers Falls but I got there and saw that the restaurant had apparently gone out of business. Arby's is just across the road from Hometown Buffet so I went there instead. I got the usual Pick 5 deal.

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