December 7th, 2007

morton ave

Cedar Grove, Morristown, Madison

Morgan's Farm

Once again, I woke up earlier than usual even though I didn't set the alarm on the clock radio. After taking care of a few matters, I went out for a bunch of geocaches in Essex and Morris Counties. This time, I picked all the geocaches that I'd skipped throughout the year because they were either time-consuming or a bit out of the way. Well, I had time today and they were enjoyable.

The last geocache was near Atlanta Bread Company in Madison. So after I found that cache, I dropped in at Atlanta Bread to have soup in a bread bowl. Atlanta Bread is similar to Panera Bread.

Plans for next week are taking shape. I received a $50 hotel coupon from Expedia so I'll be going to Delaware, staying overnight, and attending a geocaching event, just like I did last December. Also have a number of other events lined up in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Long Island, although I'm not sure I'll be able to get out to all of those. We'll see.

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Rockland Lake, White Plains

Rockland Lake State Park

Wasn't planning on doing too much outdoors today because I knew it would snow at some point. First, I went to Rockland Lake State Park for "Ice Cake Pass". I thought it would be a steep climb because of the altitude difference between the shore of the Hudson River and the interior part of the park, but I found a woods road that would take me down the final drop safely. After that, I went to White Plains for a bunch of geocaches. It started snowing while I was in Cranberry Lake Park, so I left the park quickly and went home.

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