December 9th, 2007

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Brooklyn and Birthday Party

I hadn't been geocaching in Brooklyn for over a year. I had a bit of Brooklyn-phobia, although after today, I'm not sure why. I imagined it was a congested place with narrow streets and a lot of traffic. That's true in some parts of Brooklyn, but I spent most of the day near the Belt Parkway and the shore area, which wasn't that bad. Anyway, since I hadn't been to Brooklyn in a while, there were many geocaches waiting to be found and I did quite a number of them before sunset.

Squeezed in one last geocache at night near Forest Park in Queens. Then I headed over to Johnny Rockets in Forest Hills to join up with the group celebrating freakylynx's birthday. Also there were Damian, jbadger, skyfirefox, cubbi, and several others. After dinner, we headed over to freakylynx's place nearby for cake and cider. Had to leave before midnight before my car turned into a pumpkin before I lost all ability to navigate my way out of Queens, but it was an enjoyable gathering and I had a good time.

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Sleep In

Sheepshead Bay

Stayed at home today, except for a quick run to Pathmark in the afternoon to get a few minor supplies and the Sunday paper. I needed to get everything ready and pack for two upcoming trips. Those are back-to-back so I knew I wouldn't have time to pack for the second one after coming home from the first. Also did some minor cleaning and tidying around the home.

I was surprised that the Ramsey Pathmark wasn't crowded at all on a Sunday afternoon. I thought that was the peak time for grocery shopping. If they aren't busy on weekdays and if they aren't busy on weekends, then I would worry that this particular store will be shut down after the A&P-Pathmark merger.

And finally, I was reviewing yesterday's geocaches when I noticed on this cache page that NYC Park Rangers do go geocaching too. Now, one may argue that park rangers shouldn't be playing games while on the taxpayer's dime, but I think this is far less destructive than what they've been doing in other counties: requiring lengthy permit application processes and confiscating caches outright. Also, from his geocaching profile, it sounds like he'll help integrate this activity into NYC Park's programming.