December 10th, 2007

morton blvd

Westchester and stuff

Tunnel under the railroad

Oil change this morning. 65,743 miles. UPS was supposed to deliver a package today (From Hong Kong to New Jersey in just two days! Impressive.) but the carrier arrived while I was out doing the oil change. So I called them to arrange for an evening pickup.

After a quick lunch I headed out to Rye and North Castle in Westchester for a bunch of new geocaches. It was an overcast day but it didn't rain until I was at the last cache. The only one that was a little tricky was "Y?" After looking in all the wrong places for a while, it dawned on me where that cache could be hidden and that was exactly it.

The caches...Collapse )

In the evening, I went to the UPS warehouse in Saddle Brook to pick up the package. They have a one-hour slot from 8pm to 9pm for package pickup. It's a good thing I remembered where the warehouse was because I didn't see a sign out by the road. It bothered me a little that they weren't ready to serve anyone for more than 10 minutes after the counter was supposed to open. However, once they got going, they handed out packages at a reasonable speed.