December 28th, 2007

Cane #2

Orange County non-shopping mall tour

End of Drury Lane

It was a rainy day and not that great for going outdoors, so let's go shopping! First, I went to The Beach in Peekskill. From its name, you'd expect a sandy area next to a body of water, but it's actually a strip mall. With a geocache. After that, I went to Drury's End, which would be an odd name for a shopping center but it's only the dead-end of Drury Lane. The road got cut off after the new I-84 exit 5A was built. I also went to the Colden Mansion site, which as far as I can tell was never retail space.

After that, I went to the Middletown Galleria. Traffic was a mess at that mall because of the after-Christmas shopping crowd, but I got in and found two geocaches. While in Middletown, I also visited the wooded area behind Horton Hospital. The "Get Well Gilwell" geocache was placed for a geocacher who, from what I gather, is recovering at that hospital. The idea is for him to get out and visit his cache once he's all mended.

The last cache of the day was at the winter use area in High Point State Park. (Montague, NJ) That was interesting because I didn't know there was a winter area. The parking area was open and nicely cleared of snow. The Fuller/Life Trail was still a bit of an ice walk though.

Dinner was at Arby's in Middletown after getting a few books at the thrift store next door. Okay, I guess I did do some shopping after all!

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