January 4th, 2008

No Parking

Cold Day

Hackensack River Park

It was 10°F this morning. By the afternoon, it had warmed up to a balmy 20°F, so I set out for the Hackensack River Park geocache. This park is a slice of land in Hackensack sandwiched between Riverside Square Mall and the Hackensack River. The park is practically an extension of the mall parking garage, so that's where I parked. Thankfully, the cache wasn't very far from the edge of the parking garage so I didn't have to be out in the cold very long.

Funny thing is the cold weather didn't seem to deter anyone from going for this cache. We could've had a mini geocaching event right there. Lostwoodsrambler was just leaving when I got there. Then a little later, when I was done with the cache, IMSpider arrived.

After that, I got some takeout from the Chinese supermarket in River Edge since it was on my way back.
fox yawn

Laptop Handoff

Newtown Creek Nature Trail

Arranged a little meetup and gave away the old laptop computer this afternoon. Also threw in the laptop case because I wasn't using that any more either. A backpack-style laptop bag is better because it's less obvious to would-be thieves that the bag contains a laptop.

Thanks to Lumacafi for translating the Me Tira Daqui sign that I saw in Brooklyn last weekend. It is in Brazilian Portuguese (Until today, I wasn't aware that Brazilian Portuguese was different from European Portuguese.) and it means "get me out of here". So, if there was any doubt before, the sign is a prank.

Ran some errands in Ramsey this evening. It's only 4 days into the new year and I've already received coupons through email and postal mail from Subway, Staples, Burger King, and CVS. (however, CVS always has coupons so it's not really worth noting) I used the Subway coupon on a black forest ham footlong sub. The Ramsey Subway restaurant has water problems today so their restrooms and soda fountain are out of order. Hope they washed their hands next door.

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