January 19th, 2008

fox yawn

Swirly Girly

Near the Park Ridge Swim Club

Yesterday evening, it got colder and it started snowing. Rather inconveniently, I had also run out of some key grocery items so I had to go out that evening in the snow to the fruit market and then to Pathmark in Ramsey. At Pathmark, I noticed that it was the last day of a triple-coupon sale. I started thinking how ridiculous it was to be taking my time combing through coupons when I should really just be getting what I needed and going home because it was snowing outside, but it was triple coupons! Anyway, it turned out to be harder to extract a deep discount at Pathmark than it was at A&P the week before, so I merely stocked up on items I knew I would need soon and that was that.

This afternoon, it was 47°F. Any snow that had fallen overnight had long since melted away. I noticed that The Swirly Girly Cache, a new geocache near the Park Ridge Swim Club, had just been listed. It was only a few miles away so I went for it. The plastic container was actually not placed in the most obvious way but I caught a glimpse of it and found it quickly. Then I headed over to Burger King in Park Ridge for chicken tendercrisp.

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