February 8th, 2008

morton ave

Deals Local and Global


Got a package from Garmin this afternoon. It has only been 8 days since I sent out the malfunctioning GPS, so that's a pretty quick turnaround. It's not the same GPS though. It has a different serial number so it's got to be a refurbished unit from their repair facility. I'll use it this weekend and see how it goes.

Aside from cash and prizes, Shoppers' Hotline also offers special coupons to participating members. I have to admit though that I hadn't been checking their coupon section. The reason for that is the first time I took a look at their coupons, which was over a year ago, I saw only coupons for high-end retailers, which are of no use to me. Last night, I took a look and saw that they had added Burger King coupons. Great! I printed out a coupon for BK Big Fish and used it this evening. S.H.'s deal seems to be 4 coupons a month, my choice, so if I plan ahead, those will be useful for meals whenever I'm out a bit late running errands.

Wrote a Top Posters script for the 10 Million Photos Flickr group. It produces reports like this one. Most of the code I needed was already in the older 10 Million Photos stats script, so all I had to do was reuse a few functions and add some report-generating code. Initial reviews from the 10 Million Photos regulars are encouraging.

Commerce Bank shareholders approved the TD Bank acquisition with 97% in favor, so if nothing goes seriously wrong, I'll get cash and TD stock in early April. Not so much though, as I'd already cut my CBH holdings way back when in anticipation of the credit crisis. In addition, I got cash out of the TAQA-Primewest deal last month, so the only merger I'm still waiting on is Metal Management - Sims Group. (both scrap metal recyclers)