March 4th, 2008

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Reuse, Reduce, and Coupon

I-87 northbound rest area

I relinquished one of my domain names. It wasn't one that I was actively using. I did that because a business startup owner asked for it and provided enough information to show that he was going to use it for a worthy business purpose and because doing so fits into this year's "cutting back" theme. (I'm still trying to figure out what last year's theme was. :) ) Of course, I had to insist that he compensate me for the remaining paid time on the domain name and he was happy to do so. Also, it's instructive to note that GoDaddy's registrant change procedure is just a matter of filling in a web form with the new registrant's info. Piece of cake.

I used the Hannaford reusable grocery bag this evening when I went to Pathmark in Ramsey to pick up a few items. I used the self-checkout lane so I bagged the items myself and didn't need to instruct the bagger not to use a plastic bag. In the scheme of things, it doesn't make much of a difference because I reuse plastic bags anyway. Here's the problem with plastic bags though: I have too many of those! I reuse plastic bags as garbage bags but garbage almost always takes up less space than groceries. So, over time, I accumulate plastic bags and those plastic bags have just about filled up one closet now. If I use the cloth bag for groceries and continue using my supply of plastic bags for garbage bags, I'll gradually deplete my plastic bag inventory and reclaim the closet.

This evening, I also used the first of this month's Shoppers' Hotline coupons at Burger King in Ramsey. Each coupon is a full-page printout with details on the offer, validation codes, etc. The cashier took the coupon to the back of the kitchen to confer with someone else. I thought she was questioning the coupon but it turned out that she simply didn't understand it. Then she entered it in the cash register incorrectly anyway. But that's okay. It was only a bit of confusion, so I didn't mind explaining the coupon.