March 5th, 2008

morton blvd

Hidden Park Ridge

Empire State Plaza

This afternoon, I revisited Anemic Skippy to trade a geocoin. Once again, I had no trouble reaching the cache, which was nestled under the boulder complex. Thank goodness my left arm is long enough. After that, I had a messy meatball marinara footlong at Subway on Main St. in Ramsey while I used the neighborhood wi-fi. There were 7 wi-fi networks detectable there, which is a new record. One network comes from the corner cafe because its SSID is so named. As for the rest, I'm still not sure.

I saw a new geocache posted nearby, so in the evening, I headed out to Park Ridge for Go Owls! This ballfield, which is at the end of a dead-end road, is pretty secluded. I've lived in the town next door for over 13 years and never once stumbled across this location. It's also where the town's DPW garage and recycling center are located. (Yes, every little town in this patchwork of a suburb has its own DPW, recycling center, municipal complex, and police department. That's why we have high property taxes!) Anyway, the geocache was an easy grab and I watched Pascack Brook flow by for a bit before it got really dark.