March 21st, 2008

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The Roth of Khan

Thompson Park

I made a mistake in the Roth IRA excess contribution calculations. So this morning, I pulled up the figures again, corrected the spreadsheet, called the broker, and got that squared away. I think this year, it'd be a better idea to not contribute to the Roth IRA. Wait until I do my 2008 taxes in early 2009 and see how much I can actually contribute before sending the check in. That'll save some work.

One of the steps in calculating earnings on excess IRA contributions is to compute the account balance just before the excess contribution was made. That could take a bit of research in cases where a mutual fund no longer exists. While Yahoo! Finance has historical price data, it appears that the data goes away when the ticker symbol goes away. I did some Googling and luckily, MarketWatch still has the info.

I wrote previously that I didn't see any signs of a precious metals correction and that when it happens, it'll be a surprise. Well... surprise! Gold, which had been hovering near $1,000/oz, fell close to $900/oz today. It's about time! If this correction is for real, I expect to see it down to $800-810. (Nov/Dec support level) However, my approach would be to scale in gradually.
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Friday Fun

Saddle River County Park

Visited two new geocaches in the afternoon. The first was Recalling Hall and Oates at Ramapo Reservation in Mahwah. This cache hide was based on one of Hall and Oates' hit songs, so I'm glad it wasn't Maneater. :)

After that, I headed down Route 17 to I aM Spider at Saddle River County Park in Glen Rock. That too was an easy cache. Then I left quickly to avoid loitering. Seriously though, I don't think that rule is enforced unless someone is being a nuisance. I saw some people just sitting in their cars at the parking area.

In the evening, I did maintenance on my geocache, Baby #9, at Chestnut Ridge Recreation Center. Looks like a small animal had nibbled on it. I replaced the film canister and log sheet. Then I got chicken quesadillas from Badlands Tacos in Ramsey.

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