March 26th, 2008

Cane #2

Tennis Anyone?

Brookdale Park

This evening, I went to Brookdale Park in Montclair for the Tennis Anyone? geocache. As its name implies, it is near the tennis courts. It wasn't a difficult one to find even if there are many crevices to check there. The funny thing is there used to be another geocache only about 20 feet from that spot. That one went away when the park rebuilt the stone wall. (That's my guess as to what happened because back when I visited that other geocache, the wall had started to crumble.) Hope this one lasts longer. After that, I went to the Chinese supermarket in River Edge to stock up on a few items and to get a takeout dinner.

Treasury Secretary Paulson said on Tuesday that Social Security is "financially unsustainable" and that if left unchanged, Social Security will be depleted by 2041, and Medicare, by 2019. He's a little late to the party. US comptroller general David Walker had been sounding the alarm about the Federal government's unfunded commitments since two years ago but hardly anyone paid attention. Well, better late than never.

Over on Twitter, I was experimenting with various ways of posting tweets and wondered aloud if there was a Twitter client for Vim. Not one minute later, I found this Vim script. The script posts to Twitter by calling cURL so it's pretty simple, but it works. There were a few minor problems, which I fixed right away. However, there is room for improvement on the idea. For example, the visual mapping creates a new tab to capture the selection text when it could just yank that to a named register. Also, the Twitter userid/password ought to be stored somewhere other than in the plugin itself! I'll work on this a bit more later.