March 27th, 2008

fox sit

Taxes, Sprint


I got the last figure -- the earnings on the Roth IRA excess contribution -- that I needed for my taxes, so I added that to Taxcut, after looking through nearly the whole hierarchy of interviews for the correct spot to put that number in. Although Taxcut has a help system, it doesn't tell you much about less-used functions. I also updated the Ameritrade Izone numbers from a 1099 correction they sent a few days ago. One number changed but it didn't have any effect on the total. It was only a change in the return of capital distribution. Since I had everything I needed, I finalized the tax return, printed out 34 pages in total, packed it into two large envelopes for Federal and State, and wrote $9,850 in checks. (It may sound high but I'd actually overestimated it. I'd set aside around $12K in cash for that.) Going to the post office later today.

I read this article at Consumerist in which Michael got a loyalty discount from Sprint just by asking for it. I've been with Sprint for a long time, longer than Michael, so I thought I'd try that too. Sent an email to Sprint yesterday morning using their contact form and within a few hours, I received a reply from a customer service representative. I got a 15% discount! Nice!