May 21st, 2008

morton blvd

Rainy Geocache Rush

Kung Fu Panda

Posted the rest of the Shea Stadium Relay for Life photos to this Flickr set.

In spite of the rain, I went for the Scout Cash geocache this afternoon. It's in a wooded area behind a bank in Rochelle Park, which is probably not the best place for a geocache since it is unclear who owns that small piece of land. I got there and was the first to sign the log. Then yankeepride came along. He was actually the first one to get there, but for unknown reasons, his GPS was somewhat off. So he drove around the block to figure out what's wrong. When he came back, I handed him the cache. It turns out that MaitreMind was there too but didn't go for the cache until we left. Three geocachers arriving at a cache site within minutes of each other -- it's like a gold rush!

After that, I went to the nearby Garden State Plaza for lunch. The Thai food from the food court wasn't that authentic but it's different enough from the usual food court fare to be interesting. I also noticed that there was a Kung Fu Panda display in the hallway.

A local resident who came across my 4000 Celebration Cache (at Childrens Park in Chestnut Ridge) by accident informed me that it is wet and damaged. I've disabled the cache listing for now, but think I'll remove or relocate the cache because that hiding spot has had problems before.