May 22nd, 2008

fox bend

Rockleigh Riverside Ramble

Rockleigh Woods Sanctuary

Such a mixed bag of weather. The temperature was as high as 72°F. Then it dropped when it started raining in the afternoon. I never know whether to bring a jacket. In the evening, it stopped raining just long enough for me to go and find the Before the Giants: Eagles Edition geocache. It's in Rockleigh Woods Sanctuary in Rockleigh. Starting from the parking area behind the Rockleigh municipal building, it was a 1.2-mile round trip walk through the woods. However, most of the trail was relatively flat. The only notable incline was the last 1000 feet before the cache site. That part was a walk up the ridge alongside this rocky stream.

After that, I went to Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack. I'd just received a Digital TV Converter Box coupon (which looks like a debit card), so I thought I'd go get a converter box at the Target store in the mall. I also took a quick peek at Steve & Barry's in the mall and I noticed that they have size 17 shoes! That's amazing because I rarely see anything over size 14 at the usual stores. I wear size 15 wide myself but maybe 15 wide is 16 or 17 with extra toe room. I'll go and try their largest sizes the next time I need shoes. There's a Subway in the mall, so I got yet another $5 footlong.

Joined the Twit-Out today, so I wasn't on Twitter for a full 24 hours. Twitter had been experiencing periods of slowness and going down for hours at a stretch almost every day with not a word from Twitter about the reasons for the outages, so a bunch of Twitter power users decided to hold a temporary boycott and move the discussion to Friendfeed. I have to admit that I was cynical about it. I thought it wouldn't be any better than the Livejournal "writers' strike" -- worse than that even because on Livejournal, some users pay for service and have economic leverage in making demands, whereas on Twitter, all user accounts are free accounts. But I went along with it anyway because I might as well get some work done on my nascent Friendfeed client in Vim script. (coming from the same nut who wrote a Twitter client in Vim :) )

Well, the Twit-Out turned out to be fun. We had many conversations and I made a bunch of friends on Friendfeed. It appears that the people at Twitter are starting to communicate their problems a little better too. At least, their public admission of failure is a step towards solving Twitter's problems. I'd say let's tough it out and give them time to work out the scalability issues. Livejournal was slow too a number of years ago but it has improved to the point where I rarely see any server lag. Besides, we can hang out at Friendfeed when Twitter's down. :)