June 22nd, 2008


Writer's Block: LJ Comments

Are you more of a comment-receiver or a comment-maker on LiveJournal? Why?

The first part of the question is easy to answer from my user info:

"Comments: Posted: 22,623 - Received: 12,267"

So I'm a comment maker more than a comment receiver. The ratio is higher when you consider that a significant fraction of that "received" number comes from comments I made in my own journal replying to comments others have left.

Why? I've just been pretty active online all these years.

Central Jersey and #8000

I was planning to find cache #8000 in Pittsburgh but I'm a few days early because I actually hit that milestone today at "Edge of Enchantment" in Watchung Reservation. Should've stopped there but I couldn't resist bagging another one just before dusk, so I'm up to 8001 now.

Anyway, it was a hot sunny day with a high temperature around 90°F. I went to Central Jersey. I was surprised that, despite the heat and thick brush growth, I encountered no ticks and very few mosquitoes. Came across something else though. I was at a cache site in Westfield pacing the ground to figure out whether the GPS zero was closer to the gazebo or the tree, when I saw a few dollar bills on the grass. So, instead of cache, I found cash. :) (Well, okay, I did also find the cache soon after that.)

Dinner was a toasted Italian sub combo at Arby's in Watchung since I wasn't far from that Arby's at the end of the 13-cache tour.

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