July 25th, 2008

morton blvd

Geocaching in Wayne and TwitVim support for identi.ca


There was heavy rain yesterday evening, but this evening, the weather was fine; not particularly hot or humid even. So I went out to Wayne for two geocaches. The first was parkview. It wasn't a hard one. Just a short dash into a slightly-muddy wooded area. I hadn't brought information for any other geocaches but I checked on the cell phone web browser and saw that Reading RR wasn't that far away. (or rather, it wouldn't be far if I'd gone the correct way instead of going out on I-80/US-46 and having to make a U-turn half a mile out of the way, but I digress) This cache site was a weed-filled nightmare. I was lucky to find this one because I didn't even think of checking that spot for the cache. I just happened to see it while crossing from one patch of weeds to another patch of weeds.

After that, I went to Willowbrook Mall for dinner. I hadn't been to that mall for years, so I was surprised to find an Arby's in the food court. Better yet, they still had the Pick 5 for $5.95 special, which is very filling if 3 of the 5 items are sandwiches. :)

identi.ca is an open source alternative to Twitter (the source code is Laconica), but like most Twitter alternatives, it seems to be more popular when Twitter is performing poorly. Commentary aside, I heard from more than a few people and blog posts that identi.ca has a Twitter-compatible API. Since it wasn't difficult to slip that into TwitVim, I did that in release 0.2.19. It's more of a hack than a proper feature implementation since all of TwitVim's messages still refer to Twitter instead of identi.ca, but it works pretty well and I can talk to either Twitter or identi.ca simply by changing a config variable. Of course, in my own installation, I wrote some additional commands to help me switch between the two services.

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