July 27th, 2008


Monmouth County

Sign about video surveillance

It was a hot day (over 90°F) that turned very windy towards the evening. After one cache stop in Secaucus, I went to Monmouth County. Shorebound traffic was very heavy this afternoon! It made NYC / Long Island traffic look tame in comparison. Good thing I only needed to go through a few miles of that before I switched to secondary roads.

In Monmouth County, I first went down towards Freehold and then switched to the other side of the Parkway to Oceanport. I noticed that a newcomer to the game started hiding ammo cans in municipal parks around Colts Neck, which is good because I was getting tired of looking for microcaches. I also noticed that quite a number of caches were completely exposed. My guess is the area experienced some strong winds within the last few weeks and those winds blew away the bark, leaves, etc, that were covering the cache.

Dinner was at a new Wawa store in Cliffwood Beach. I had a meatball shorti since there was a special on that item this week. That store also had significantly cheaper gas than back home, so I filled up there even though it was only 6 gallons.

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