September 1st, 2008


Western NJ

Sunny day, again around 80°F. I'd prepared a batch of geocache info down in Central Jersey and a travel route down I-287, but when I hit the Morristown area, I remembered that there were a lot of geocaches down by Randolph that I hadn't done yet. So for the rest of the day, I got geocache coordinates by cell phone, one at a time. I did part of the WWII Aircraft series that way and it was a fun time on the Randolph Trails, albeit with a bit too much bushwhacking at times.

Did more litter patrol too. Morris County is actually quite clean, with only the odd bottle here and there. The exception was the area surrounding the "Skating On Thin Ice" geocache. It looked like people had been partying just a few steps into the woods and leaving their bottles all over the place. I packed out most of that litter. Nevertheless, I don't think it's a good cache site. Litter is a sign that lots of people go back there. That means it'll be likely that someone will find the cache by accident and steal or vandalize it.

Dinner, refuel, and shopping this evening were all in Ramsey, close to home, because that was easier than figuring out where to get all those done in the Parsippany area.

The caches...Collapse )