September 5th, 2008

fox yawn

The Baron who is Red


This evening, I went to Mills Reservation in Cedar Grove for the Snoopin' For The Red Baron geocache. It wasn't far from the parking area but the straight-line approach is not recommended. My approach is not recommended either. I didn't know there was a trail intersection a bit ahead so I bushwhacked across to the cache site when I still had 250 feet to go. Even so, it was easy. Only did this one though because it was close to dusk and the second cache in this park requires climbing at or near a cliff. After that, I went to Garden State Plaza for some pseudo-Thai food.

Consumerist used a few of my photos recently. My photo of fries with gravy is in their Friday Flickr Pool Finds and my photo of a Panera Bread storefront is in an article on Panera Bread's better than expected customer service. (Thanks to thomasj for spotting the latter.)

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