September 8th, 2008


Southwestern Connecticut, Round 3

Nice weather after yesterday's rain. Sunny. 75-80°F. I went to SW Connecticut again to find more of this year's new geocaches. This time, I got all the way to Orange and Milford before it got late and I had to stop. Only the last two were done after dark. Downtown Milford was quiet on Sunday night and it was the perfect time to examine the evergreen.

I've had a pretty easy time in Connecticut so far. The only problems I encountered today were parks with residents-only parking restrictions. The town of Stratford had the worst restrictions. When I arrived at the entrance to Roosevelt Forest, I saw a sign saying that there is a $1,000 fine for out-of-town cars. Furthermore, the sign stated that even town residents will be charged if they don't have a parking permit displayed, although the fee then drops to $300. When I read that, I decided to forget about Stratford and the half dozen or so geocaches in Roosevelt Forest, and continued onwards to the next town. Many towns are willing to share their public parks, so why bother with the few that want to shut out outsiders?

Dinner was at American Steakhouse in West Haven, which is much better (both in ambience and in salad bar selections) than their Norwalk location. Once again, I had the seafood platter because I like the fried fish and scallops.

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