September 19th, 2008


Long Island

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Sunny, but temperatures were below 80°F. I went to Long Island. Fairly unusual to do that on a weekday but I had the day off. I timed my trip so that I headed out after the morning rush and returned after the evening rush so that I wouldn't be stuck in traffic delays. That actually worked very well, although there was still some heavy traffic out on Long Island from 4pm to 6pm.

I met Adventurero at "LB Bridge View". Strange turn of events. When he was at the cache site, there was someone sleeping on a concrete block five feet away from the cache. However, the stranger was sleeping so soundly that Adventurero was able to retrieve the cache without waking that fellow up. Unfortunately, just as he was about the put the cache back in the hiding spot, some fishermen came to that area to set up and woke up the sleeper. So he couldn't put the cache back at that time and had to return a little later. When I got there, the fishermen were gone and so was the sleeper. The cache wasn't there yet, so I cleaned up the area a little, picking up litter. Five minutes later, Adventurero came back to replace the cache and that's how I met him and his kid. Nice fellow.

At the end of the day, I went to Sentosa in Flushing for dinner, which is Plan B. (Plan A, or East Buffet in Huntington, is still closed from a kitchen fire.) I had bird's nest. On the menu, it is "Sarang Burung", which is "bird's nest" in Bahasa Malaysia. It's a stir fry served in a taro basket.

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