October 6th, 2008

chestnut husky

Jones Beach Autism Walk

Today, I did a mascot gig with jbadger, rukario71, foxwell, rapidtrabbit, and skyfirefox for Walk Now for Autism at Jones Beach on Long Island. It was a rainy morning but the rain cleared up by 10am so the event wasn't delayed by too much and we were able to put in a decent amount of costumed appearance time.

I must say that the charity event organizers really gave us a lot. Last year, there were tents for us but this year, the tents were in the parking lot right in the volunteer parking section. The upshot is we were able to park mere steps away from our tents and that made unloading/loading our fursuit stuff easy. Also this year, they assigned charity volunteers to be our spotters/assistants, which was a great help and something that no other event has done for us yet. Aside from that, we had the usual volunteer perks. I got a t-shirt and a bagel.

What I did was roughly as follows: I was the last one in the group to get suited up because I needed the chairs and table space. First, I headed out to the field area behind registration to interact with the crowd. Took a break. Headed out to the starting line near the stage area to wave the walkers on. Took another break. Then went to the boardwalk to interact with the returning walkers and after that, the gig ended. Post-gig lunch was at East Bay Diner in Seaford. I had the big platter with 3 kinds of fish.

Did a bit of geocaching afterwards with jbadger and foxwell. Then I went off on my own, grabbed another geocache in Long Beach at sunset and went home.

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