November 5th, 2008

morton ave

Gaga over GAGA

GAGA Creekside Sculpture Garden

Time for the 90,000K miles (90909 on the odometer) service and also a look at the left rear tire that was losing air, so I left the car at the service department and took a loaner. This time, the loaner is a Corolla LE, which I believe I've used before.

As always, I just had to take it out on a geocaching run. This time, I went to Garnerville, to the GAGA Creekside Sculpture Garden, for the Garden of Heads geocache. It was a simple geocache and I got FTF. After that, I took a little walk around the garden to look at the heads.

One interesting thing I didn't notice the last time I had the Corolla LE is the digital MPG meter. I don't know how accurate it is but while out and about this afternoon, I got close to 50 mpg on the highway (I-287 and Palisades Parkway) and 30 mpg on local roads, which is pretty good. It helped that there wasn't much traffic in the afternoon.
chicken fries

The Curious Incident of the Hit and Run in the Day-Time


I returned to the service department this afternoon to pick up my car. They only did the brakes and the 90K miles service but didn't do anything about the tire because there was no detectable leak. Strange. Why then did I need to add air to it every other day? I'll wait and see if it gets worse.

Here's a bigger problem though. Someone scratched and dented the loaner car but didn't leave a note. The bad part is they did it to the loaner. It's not that it would've been better on my car but since this is the loaner, the damage has to be fixed, and since it was a hit and run and the offender has not been identified, I have to pay for it. That sucks.

Finally, I got a chicken pizziola footlong from Subway in Ramsey. I hadn't been to Subway in a while so I didn't know about this new $5 footlong.