December 13th, 2008


Delaware Day 2

Sunny but colder. 33-40°F. Started the day by doing two geocaches that were placed for the event. I declined to do those yesterday because I had enough of the rain and it was easier to come back in the morning to get them as they weren't far from the motel. Did a few more geocaches in the area and one just across the state line in Elkton, MD. Then I came back to Newark and New Castle for a big run of geocaches. Went at a pretty rapid clip so only the last two were after dark. I was surprised I could find the last one within a minute because it was a tiny cache hanging in a prickly bush. I guess I can be lucky once in a while.

Dinner was takeout from Wawa at the intersection of Routes 2, 4, and 72. If I'm staying near one, might as well use it.

Many people go to Delaware for tax-free shopping. I saw lots of out-of-state license plates in the period of time I was in the Christiana Mall area for two of the geocaches. However, I'm not here for the shopping. Two reasons: Firstly, at least if you're from New Jersey, 0% sales tax doesn't save you anything. There's a line on the state tax form for "use tax", where you have to declare purchases made at a lower sales tax rate. Then you'll get taxed on that anyway. (I heard that this rule is enforced most often on doctors and professional services who mail order lots of supplies, but still, it's better to be legit and make major purchases in-state.) Secondly, the 0% sales tax doesn't magically make merchandise desirable. Stuff I don't need is still stuff I don't need. And if I needed it, I probably would've already gotten it back home, sales tax be damned.

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