December 16th, 2008

morton blvd

A Central Jersey Indian Summer

I stayed home yesterday because my left foot was sore. Apparently, I walk a bit more on one foot than the other. However, it got better by the afternoon and recovered enough for a 3-mile walk in hilly Hartshorne Woods today, so maybe it just needed to rest for a day.

Sunny and warm. 58-65°F. I didn't need a jacket today. This is December weather? Anyway, it looked like good weather for going to the beach so I went to Monmouth County. The first 3 geocaches were along the shore. Then I went inland to tackle a big group of geocaches in Hartshorne Woods. It was worth doing the 3-mile trail loop for 7 geocaches. Ended the day with an easy geocache at Dorsett Park. (The link is to an amusing unofficial website for the park.)

Once I was done geocaching, I headed over to the Chinese supermarket in Edison to get some Asian pears. Then I went to Pho Anh Dao because it's been a long time since I had Vietnamese food. I didn't get pho but I got soup with egg noodles, pork, and a seafood combo.

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