January 3rd, 2009

No Parking

New Year, New Tires

I went to get the flat tire fixed this morning. Also got the 95,000-mile service while I was there. The actual odometer reading was 96,446, so it was a bit overdue. Well, it turns out that the tires had to be replaced anyway because they were worn down to 2mm of thread. I'd noticed that myself the last time I put air in them but I was waiting to see what the service tech said. So I got 4 new tires and kept one of the old tires as the spare. In the waiting room, I noticed that there was an Optimum Online wi-fi hotspot nearby. Since I'm an Optimum Online customer with a customer ID, I got to use it at no charge. (Of course, I remembered to bring my notebook computer.)

After that, I went for two geocaches within this county. The first was Closter Nature Center #1 in Closter. I'd been here before but not when there's snow on the ground. Ice and snow instead of mud actually makes the location better. Then I headed down County Route 501 (same route number nearly the whole way but I lost count of the number of turns) to 2 Young, 2 Lucky at Overpeck County Park in Leonia. There wasn't any snow in the vicinity of this cache, probably due to this being an open area with exposure to sunlight.

Then I went to the Chinese supermarket in River Edge and got dinner plus a few weeks' supply of fried noodles. What I've learned from my travels in December is I'd better appreciate what I have in the NYC area because I didn't see this in Delaware.