January 5th, 2009


Long Island

Sunny and 37°F or so. I went out to Long Island again to finish what I started on Thursday. I was planning on taking a long walk in Edgewood Preserve to visit all the new geocaches but I got there so late in the afternoon that I only got 3 of the 4 geocaches via the shortcut entrance. No matter. I'll get that last one another time.

It was also a day for running into people. I met Doug and Amanda at "Industrial cache #1" and that was lucky because they provided just enough of a hint to get me back on the right track. I was in the correct location but I'd been looking at the wrong object. Then later, at "Twisted All Over Again 'Twist and Shout'", I met up with Boola and family. Then in Edgewood, I ran into a forest ranger who was apparently patrolling the far edge of the preserve. (The shortcut entrance brought me to this side instead of the Commack Road side.) Here too, it was a good thing I ran into him because he pointed out some trails I'd missed that went to two of the cache sites.

Dinner was at Curry Leaves in Flushing Chinatown. This time, I had satay tofu and cheong fun. The latter came with a serving of stuffed vegetables in curry. At the end of dinner, the restaurant provided a complimentary bowl of sweet soup with longan and nuts. I thought their rendition of satay tofu was interesting. The tofu was crisp and they were generous with the topping and sauce. As for the cheong fun, I haven't actually seen that on the menu at any other Malaysian restaurant so I can't compare it that way but it's not too bad compared to what I've had in the old country. The stuffed vegetables in curry was a treat because they have good curry. After dinner, I did a bit of shopping on Roosevelt Avenue to restock my pantry (My pantry apparently needed a lot of Asian pears and sweet bean curd. :) ) and went home.

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